A look into puzzles the history of them and types of puzzles


Puzzles have long been enjoyed by people all over the world and these are types of games where one competes against themselves. There is a variety of puzzle types that can be entertaining and challenging and with a large variety available, one can enjoy doing puzzles at home or even playing puzzle games online for excitement and rewards. Puzzles are a great way to stimulate the mind and use logic and reasoning to successfully solve the puzzle.

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History of puzzles

Puzzles have been around for hundreds of years and it is believed that the first puzzle was invented in China. The word puzzle is actually an old French word that translated to “Bewilder or confound.” The word puzzle as we know it today can refer to many types of puzzles, all types of games that challenge the mind and make use of strategies. They are available in various degrees and are designed to bewilder the player. One of the first puzzles to be invented was the jigsaw puzzle, making its first appearance in 1767. This was invented by John Spilsbury from London who attached a world map to a piece of wood and cut out pieces.

The Logic Puzzle came along in 1886, invented by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, also known as Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Carroll was a brilliant logician and mathematician and created these mind boggling puzzles. 1913 saw the first release of a crossword puzzle, which is still one of the most popular puzzles done today. The first printed crossword appeared in the New York World newspaper in 1913. The following years brought the introduction of new and exciting puzzles such as Word Searches in 1968 and Sudoku in 1979. Today, there are tons of puzzle types ranging from simple word searches to complex puzzles that can take days or weeks to solve.

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Guessing puzzles

Guessing Puzzles are quite popular and rather simple. One of the great examples of this type of puzzle is the rated television game Wheel of Fortune. With a guessing puzzle, players will see letters being entered and their goal is to guess the complete word or phrase. There are many forms of these puzzles, including the popular child’s game of Hangman. Guessing puzzles do require some logic and skill, but they are simple puzzles that can provide great enjoyment. These puzzles are not overly difficult and make for a great casual game between friends. Guessing puzzles do not require much knowledge. As long as players are familiar with many words and phrases, they will have success with these types of puzzles.

Guessing puzzles can also be called brain teasers. Some puzzles will use pictures or colours and the goal is to guess what the next picture or colour will be in a specific sequence. These types of guessing puzzles will require more skill and thought and they are often used with testing for MENSA. Basically, anyone with common sense and a basic thought process can quickly and successfully solve guessing puzzles. While they are not the most challenging of all puzzle types, they do provide a great form of entertainment.

Guessing puzzles will require players to make an educated guess based on information that is already provided. For word games, they will use provided letters to solve the phrase or complete word. With brain teasers, players will examine shapes, colours or patterns to guess what will come next in a sequence. Overall, these guessing puzzles stimulate the mind and are a great learning tool for younger puzzle solvers.

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Logic puzzles

A Logic Puzzle can pose quite a challenge and with this type of puzzles, solvers will use math and deduction skills to come up with the correct answers. The first logic puzzle was invented by Charles Dodgeson, aka Carroll Lewis. With these early puzzles, solvers were given a list of premises and information and would be asked what they could deduct from them. Later in the second part of the 20th century, logic puzzles were expanded by Raymond Smullyan. He was best known for the Knights and Knaves puzzles, where the knights always told the truth and the knaves always lied.

One of the popular logic puzzles done today is Sudoku, a number puzzle where solvers will use deduction to determine where numbers fit on a grid. There are also Paint by Number logic puzzles, where deduction is used to fill on a grid with black and white squares to reveal a finished picture. The logic grid puzzle is also well known and this is found in many puzzle books of today. These grids are filled in based on information that is provided and solvers will have to correctly fill the grid in to reveal the right answer to the puzzle question.

Logic puzzles will require great skill, patience and a superb thought process to complete. These puzzles are designed to test the brain and only those with great deduction skills will be successful in solving them.

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Mechanical puzzles

A mechanical puzzle is an object that is moved to complete a pattern or a sequence. The most popular mechanical puzzle to date is the Rubik’s Cube, a brain teaser that has entertained children and adults for many years. Mechanical puzzles consist of interlocked pieces that must be placed in the perfect position for the puzzle to be solved. The oldest of these puzzles appeared in the 3rd century BC in Greece and was a square that consisted of 14 parts. The goal was to create different shapes from the pieces, which is much more difficult that it sounds. In the 17th century, the Iranian Puzzle Locks were introduced and this was followed by puzzles from Japan in 1742 with a game called Sei Shona-gon Chie No-Ita. In 1800, Tangram from China became popular and 20 years after it was introduced, its popularity spread through America and Europe.

Assembly puzzles are also mechanical puzzles and these are often wooden blocks that are used to crate different shapes and forms. There are also disassembly puzzles, which appear to be easily taken apart, but in essence, they are very difficult due to the interlocking pieces that are strategically placed to make solving difficult.

When it comes to mechanical puzzles, most people are familiar with a sequential movement puzzle, which will require the manipulating of the puzzle to get pieces into certain positions. This would be the Rubik’s Cube and the Tower of Hanoi, two of the most popular mechanical puzzles. The Rubik’s Cube is one of the most difficult puzzles to solve, with a staggering number of variants. Mechanical puzzles continue to be enjoyed by players all over the world as they stimulate brain activity, thought and problem solving strategies.

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Word puzzles

Word puzzles are great for those that wish to challenge themselves and not compete with others or for a time in solving. The most popular type of word puzzle is the crossword puzzle, a grid of answers to fill in to complete the puzzle. There are varying degrees of difficulty with these puzzles, ranging from beginner to expert and there is surely one that will be enjoyed by any puzzle solver. Crossword puzzles do require knowledge of history, current events, sports, basic trivia and more. Some puzzles will be themed, which can appear easier to solve, but overall, these puzzles pose quite a challenge for most. Crossword puzzles have been enjoyed for many years, with the first printed puzzle being offered in a New York newspaper back in 1913. Since then, millions of puzzles have been published in papers around the world and there are many puzzle books loaded with these gridded teasers. Those looking for great challenge will enjoy cryptic crosswords, where the solver will have to determine what letters are standing in for other letters. This puzzle is mostly trial and error, but there is also some problem solving involved.

Another popular word puzzle is a Word Search. Though these puzzles do not require skill or knowledge, they do provide for a great way to pass the time. They are easy to do and can be enjoyed by puzzle lovers of all ages. Word Search puzzles offer a list of words that must be found in a grid that contains mixed up letters. The goal is to locate and circle the word until the entire list is complete.

There are also letter arrangement word puzzles, such a Jumbles and Boggle. With these, players will rearrange letters to create words for solving the puzzle or winning the game.

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Video game puzzles

Seeing as puzzle games are so popular, many of the leading video game developers have made video game puzzles for enjoyment. These games will place a strong emphasis on puzzle solving and they can test various skills, such as logic, pattern recognition, word completion and sequence solving. These games will often involve colours, shapes or symbols that are manipulated into a pattern for completion. Video puzzle games usually offer a series of puzzles that are a variation on a common theme. The rules are simple and the games are easy to play, though players do have to think fast and have quick reflexes.

One popular type of game is the arcade puzzle, where players will move pieces on a screen with a time limit to solve the puzzle and advance to the next level. Most players will easily relate to Tetris, one of the top played video puzzle games of all time. Minesweeper is also a video puzzle game that is played on many PCs at home. Another type of game is the hidden object game, where players will have a list of object to find in a picture. These are very popular social games and are perfect for casual gamers who like puzzle solving. Some of the top played games include Mortimer Beckett, Mystery Trackers and Mystery Case File. There are also crime scene games like Law and Order, where many tasks involve solving different puzzles.

Falling block and tile matching games are popular video puzzle games and these include Tetris as well as the popular Candy Crush and Bejewelled games found online.

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Puzzles in gambling

With the introduction of online casinos, players who enjoy gambling and also love to solve puzzles will find a massive array of slot games that offer puzzle solving bonus rounds. These slots are video slot games that offer a bonus that can be played and these bonus rounds often mimic popular puzzle games. With so many software providers creating great games, there are tons of puzzle themed slots that can be played for real money at online casinos. These games offer great base game payouts and for those players who have great puzzle skills, the bonus rounds can be quite lucrative as well.

Wheel of Fortune is a top played slot game online and this game is completely based on the television puzzle show. Players will have the chance to trigger bonus rounds where they can solve a puzzle to win instant credits. The game is one of the more popular puzzle themed games online and since so many players are already familiar with the game it is easy to play and can offer great payouts.

Slotris is another great slot game that is similar to the game of Tetris. With this game, squares will fall into place on a grid when the bonus game is triggered. With some skill and fast manoeuvring, players can complete patterns for some stellar wins on this game. Some other puzzle themed games that can be found at online casinos include It’s a Mystery, with a Portrait Puzzle bonus and Zuma, a slot hit is based on the popular Zuma puzzle with a bonus round. By combining puzzle solving skills into slot game action, players can enjoy wins from spinning reels and can use skills to increase bonus payouts.

Players from one country stand out when it comes to enjoying puzzle themed games that involve an element of gambling. This is typically players from Australia who are die hard fans of online pokies. These pokies like Jenga and similar puzzle themed pokies/slots games have grown in popularity and are enjoyed by a rather large Australian audience. Even Aussie players who traditionally have been playing these games at land based casinos are flocking online. The preference among players in Australia for puzzle themed online casino games seems to be an ongoing trend.

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Puzzles have long been enjoyed by people from all over the world and over the years, many new puzzles have been created to keep solvers active and intrigued. With the development of video games and online games, puzzle solvers will have the chance to compete with others for high scores or best solving times and they can even play games that can offer real money payouts. While online puzzles are exciting, not much will take the place of sitting down to do a relaxing jigsaw or a classic crossword with a morning cup of coffee.

No matter what types of puzzles solvers love, there is something that will challenge the mind and make use of developed skills. Puzzles are a great way to keep the brain active and they are a perfect pastime. Since they can be enjoyed alone, puzzles are not competitive, allowing solvers to go at their own pace and truly enjoy every aspect of the game they have chosen. The mentioned types of puzzles are just a few of those that are now available and new puzzles are being invested all the time. New games are being released that promote thinking and problem solving and these all serve a great purpose: to keep the mind active and to promote brain activity while providing entertainment and relaxation at the same time.

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