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  • Do I pay sales tax? 
    Sales tax is only charged to orders shipped to New Jersey.
  • Can I place a phone order?
    Yes, phone orders are welcomed. There is no extra charge for phone orders.
  • How do I change the shipping address, if its different from the address I used to register?
    When you are ready to view your order, after clicking on 'Continue Checkout,' you may make your shipping changes here.  If you already have this address under your Profile name click and select your Profile.  Another option in changing your shipping address before you place your order is to go to My Account and select Profile name.  Then check off the box Use this Shipping Address, and update.
  • What is a Profile name?
    A Profile name is the title given for each shipping address.  For example it may be a home, business, Aunt Mable, etc.
  • How do I order online?
    1. Place items you are purchasing using Add to Cart.
    2. Click on Continue Shopping after each item you're purchasing is added.
    3. Proceed to Continue Checkout when you've finished ordering or view My Cart at the top right side.
    4. Both will take you to a login window.  You will need to either login (if you haven't done so already) or register. Please provide a valid email address and phone number to prevent any delays on your order.
    5. Next you will view your order. If you are shipping to another address, other than you originally have registered as, it is done here. Your payment options are also on this window.
    6. For Payment Information, select your payment method. For CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS, select Credit Card Type, Card Number, the 3 or 4 digit CVV code, Expiration Date, and Name on Card.  For PAYPAL, you will be sent to PayPal.com.  Enter your email address and password. For E-CHECKS PAYMENTS, click on Online Check, then enter Bank Name, Routing Number, Account Number, Account Name, and Account Type.
  • I choose to mail my check or money order as my payment method, how do I place my order?
    Call us at 732-952-3651 to place your order for all check or money order payments.  This will guarantee that your orders will be in stock and available once payment is received.  Your customer service representative will provide you with an order number, which would be placed on your payment.  You can make a check or money order payable to the address below.
  • Where do I send check or money order to?
            You can make a check or money order payable to:   Puzzles & Beyond, LLC
                                                                                                PO Box 304
                                                                                                Old Bridge, NJ 08857
  • How do I know you received my order?
    There are two confirmations you would receive once you complete your order. 1. You will get a copy of the invoice with an order number at the end of the order. 2. You would receive an order confirmation by email. This is why a valid email address is required. Please note sometimes your email service might screen out our confirmation as "SPAM" or send it to a bulk-mail file.
  • What do I do if I didn’t get an order number?
    If you do not get an order number or a copy of the invoice please call us 732-952-3651 or email us at info@puzzlesandbeyond.com
  • What do I do if I need to change my order?
    Any changes to your order MUST be done in writing. These changes must be received before your order is shipped. Some examples of changes may be adding an item, canceling an item, canceling my order, changing my shipping address, etc. The fastest writing method would be by email.
  • What if an item was missing from my order?
    If an item was missing from your order please call us at 732-952-3651 to have the order adjusted.
  • What payment options do you have?
    There are several types of payment option available. You can use several credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express), Pay Pal, E-Check, Mail your Check or Money Order.
  • What if I need to cancel an item?
    If you need to cancel an item please contact us ASAP for an order adjustment by phone at 732-952-3651. Please note any orders that have already shipped may not be cancelled. If you are still interested in returning that item please follow our Return Policy.
  • What if I need to cancel an entire order?
    Once an order has been processed we are unable to cancel your order. Please contact us via email or phone at 732-952-3651 to determine if you are eligible to cancel your order. Note: Refunds will be sent in the same manner payment was received.
  • Do you have Gift wrapping?
    Yes, we gift wrap for an additional $4.25 per item. We also request to indicate if it’s a male or female and if it’s a child or an adult. You may also send a note along with the gift.
  • How do I order by Mail?
    If you order by mail you can send us the following information below along with a check or money order.  For credit card payments please do not provide your information on your order, just place a message for us to call you for payment.  For Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico please call us to process your order – we ship using the USPS. NO International orders are accepted by Mail orders.
    Billing Address
    Phone number (Where we can contact you, if needed. Recommended to prevent delays)
    Shipping Address (If it is the same as the Billing Address leave blank)
    Full name of item, Item number, Quantity, Price
    Shipping Cost (Check
    Shipping Rates) or call us at 732-952-3651.
  • I would like to place an International Order, but my country is not listed. Does this mean I cannot place an order?
    No. If your country is not listed on our checkout page, simply email customer service for an approval.


  • What if my credit card doesn't work? What do I do?
    There are several possibilities why your credit card didn't work. The most common is address verification. The billing address on the credit card must be the same as the address on the order. Other reasons could be insufficient funds or declined by your credit card company. Please contact your credit card company for assistance.
  • What does 'AVS Mismatch' mean?
    An AVS Mismatch is an address verification error message. It appears when an address or postal code provided could not be verified by your credit card company. If the address is correct contact your credit card company to make sure they have your correct or current address on file.
  • I've added items to my shopping cart, but it's empty? What do I do?
    Please call us at 732-952-3651 for assistance.

Check MarkMy Account

  • How do I create an account?
    An account is created once you register.  You would fill in your billing address, shipping address, a valid email address (this will be your login name), and create a password.
  • Can I edit my account information?
    Yes.  Click on My Account on the top right side, next to My Cart.  Here you can change your billing information, shipping information, or profile.  You are also able to add more than one shipping address.  By choosing the Add Address and giving each address a Profile name you are able to have a multitude of shipping addresses.
  • I forgot my password, how do I retrieve it?
     Click on My Account on the top right side, next to My Cart, and then type in your valid email address.  You would receive an email with your password.
  • How do I login or logout?
    Click on My Account on the top right side, next to My Cart, and then login by putting in your valid email address and password. For logging out click on My Account and click on Logout on the center of the page.

Check MarkReturns

  • Can I try an item and return it if I decide I do not want it?
    Sorry, once the shrink wrap or seal is broken the item isn’t returnable.
  • Can I return an item from the Scratch And Dent Category?
    Sorry, due to the nature of these items, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
  • How do I return an item?
    Before you return any items back to Puzzles & Beyond you would need to contact us by phone at 732-952-3651 for an RA #.  International orders are not refundable. Please do not send items back using the original tracking number or with out an RA #. Any orders received in this manner will be refused and additional shipping charges may apply.
  • What is your return policy?
    Please visit our Return Policy page for further information.

Check MarkShipping

  • How long would it take to ship my order?
    Orders placed by 6:00 pm eastern time will be shipped within 24 hours, exception E-Checks. Orders placed Monday – Thursday normally ships within 24 hours, exception E-Checks. Orders placed Friday normally ships on Monday, exception E-Checks. E-Checks take up to 7 business days to ship.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes. We ship orders outside of the continental U.S. through the United States Postal Service only.  Shipping rates are calculated at Check Out.
  • Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico?
    Yes, we ship to these locations, but, due to the wide variation in shipping cost we use the USPS. Please follow the procedures found in our 'Shipping Rates' page.
  • Can you ship to PO boxes?
    Yes, with USPS shipments only.  No, UPS does not deliver to PO boxes.
  • How long will it take to get my order?
    Please view map below by state and color to view length of time it would normally take to receive order.
  • How do I track my order?
    Once the order is completed you will receive an email stating 'Complete' and a tracking number. You can sign on to FedEx, choose 'United States' for your location, then copy the tracking number to the 'Track Shipment/FedEx Office Orders' and Track. You would be re–directed to a 'Detail Results' page where you can view the 'ship date' and 'estimated delivery.'

    FedEx Delivery Estimate Map
  • I need to change my shipping address. How do I change it after I placed my order?
    You must contact us as soon as possible by calling us at 732-952-3651 in order to change your shipping address. We would need an email confirmation of the change in shipping address if the order has already shipped. For shipped orders there will be an extra charge, which we incur directly from our courier. See our Shipping Policy.

Check MarkGeneral Questions

  • I live oversees and I'm currently visiting the U.S., can I place an order?
    Yes, you can place an order and have it shipped to your current destination. If will ship FedEx ground as long as the address is in the continental U.S. If shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, please follow the procedures found in our Shipping Rates page.
  • Can I place an order on an out of stock item?
    Sorry, we do not allow ‘out of stock’ items to be added to orders.
  • Can I get an email reminder when an item is back in stock?
    Absolutely. Just fill out the 'Notify me when in stock' form.
  • What if I don’t see the item I want? Can you help?
    Yes. You can send us an email or call us at 732-952-3651 and inquire about it. We will do our best in trying to find the item for you.
  • Are you a manufacturer?
    No, we are an internet retailer that is providing an affordable product to our extraordinary customers.
  • Are your puzzles new or used?
    All our products are new.
  • Do you have pre-made frames?
    The frames we sell are not pre-made. In order for the puzzle to fit securely, most frames are not assembled. You would need to complete the puzzle and then fit the frame around it.
  • How do I know what a large piece puzzle is?
    Large piece puzzles are puzzle pieces that are larger than the average puzzle. They are easier to grasp. Please note each manufacturers' large piece may vary slightly. They are great for persons with disabilities, arthritis, or undergoing physical or occupational therapy. Large piece puzzles are becoming very popular and are typically 300 piece puzzles, but not limited to.
  • Do you have a printed catalog?
    No. Due to the dynamics of our products we no longer have a printed catalog. You can find all of our in stock items on our website, PuzzlesAndBeyond.com. But, you can still place an order by mail. Please see the 'Ordering Information' in this section, FAQs, for details.
  •  Will my personal information be kept confidential?
    Yes. We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. This will be kept 100% confidential. Please take a look at our Privacy Policy for more information.
  • Would I get spam mail?
    No, we do not send spam mail. You will only receive an email newsletter from us every month or so only if you check the box to receive a newsletter. For those who are receiving our newsletter may receive email coupons. You will receive order related emails, for example, confirmation of your order or completion.
  • What if I am missing a puzzle piece, can I get a new puzzle piece to replace it?
    The manufacturer’s policy is for the customer to contact them directly, along with the box on hand. They will inform you of what their procedures for missing pieces are. Please note each manufacturer have their own distinctive guidelines. See 'Jigsaw Puzzle Manufacturers' below for contacts.
  • I placed an International Order and I am missing a puzzle piece, can I get a new puzzle piece to replace it?
    Due to the manufacturers policies, International Orders which have items with missing pieces must first contact Customer Service. PuzzlesAndBeyond.com will forward the information to the manufacturer. . The manufacturer will not replace the puzzle directly to International Orders. Additional shipping charges will apply.

Jigsaw Puzzle Manufacturers

  • For most manufacturers each puzzle is unique. Because the dies used to cut puzzles shift slightly from puzzle to puzzle and batch to batch, individual missing pieces from a puzzle can not be replaced. But, there are exceptions. However, if you believe a piece was missing from the sealed box when you opened it, most manufacturers will send you a replacement puzzle at no cost. They may ask that you send them proof of purchase (like the barcode from the box) and/or a piece from the puzzle, a sales receipt, or a picture of the puzzle where the piece is missing. Every manufacturer has their own guidelines; please contact them to find out their procedures.

    Here is the manufacturer contact info to request replacement of a defective or incomplete jigsaw puzzle or product.

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